You Definitely Need At Least All Of These Awesome Things For Your Desk

It’s a common trope in films and television. Working in an office is the quintessential thing we’re all supposed to hate. Why are we supposed to hate it, though? Just because a bunch of people who have sworn off the concept think it’s good fodder for sitcoms and satire? Maybe it’s time to change how we feel about those meeting rooms, cubicles, and coffee breaks.

It's all about rethinking your own opinions and challenging the idea of the average America workspace as drab, dull and lifeless. Step one? Have some fun.

Let’s face it, one big downside of working with a lot of other people is that a lot of the time, you’re waiting on those other people. Keep your mind sharp and occupied with these fun block-building bookshelves.

Available on Amazon.

Or this block-based calendar, perfect for those fidgety, clock-watching moments.

Get this at Paper Source.

If creative pursuits are more important to you than engineering ones, then maybe you need to inject a little magic into your daily routine. Ordinary notebooks get a wizarding makeover and your coworkers will be left wondering what spells you’re planning on casting.

Find them on Etsy.

But if you really want to drive the point home, maybe this authentic sword of Gryffindor letter opener will make things clear.

Wave your wand here.

We love a little tech in our lives, especially when it can do something as important as keep our coffee or tea piping hot …

Amazon's got you covered here, too.

… or icy cold, as the need arises.

But this one's a ThinkGeek exclusive.


Even if all it does is make our other tech look good, we’re all for it.

Style like this isn't free, but it's pretty close!

But what about those less … digital office staples? Who says pencils or binder clips have to be boring?

Store them in style, courtesy of Etsy.

They can even be a little dangerous, with the right equipment.

Watch where you point these, but point yourself to uncommongoods.

But don’t neglect those little, fun expressions. Moldable erasers in multiple colors are like Play-Doh for the cubicle set.

Paper Source is the place to get this super-fun kit.

Or a kitty that's ready to help you with your note-jotting needs.

Here, kitty-kitty.

And office equipment that smiles on its own is sure to put a smile on your face as well.

Now, maybe this is all a little “yay, office life!” for you. Well, the cynic in the crowd is sure to enjoy this factory-themed charging station. Highlight the mundane drudgery of your existence with this …

The capitalist machine wants you to buy this from doiyDesign.

… or this slightly unsettling ode to the office. This is a parody, right? Please?

There's no place like Etsy for stuff like this.


But let’s get real. What about practical gear? We’re pretty sure there is nothing more practical than this spritzer filled with screen cleaner, covered in a microfiber cleaning cloth. Get your clean on.

Cleanse your screen and your soul, only $12.99!

And when you’re done cleaning the latest sneeze from your screen, let your mind wander to all the places you’d like to travel.

Vacation was all I ever wanted, until I saw this globe.

If you can’t get away, then bring the exotic right to you!

Real elephant, or wooden pencil holder from Amazon? Honestly, we've lost the ability to tell anymore.

Or, if you’ve gone completely cubicle-crazy, try out these wild, monster-themed, staple-free paper fasteners.

I'm scared of monsters. Especially happy ones. What are they so happy about, anyway?

Or snub your nose at recycling efficiency with these adorable nose-first staple critters.

Who's up for a game of Hungry Hungry Staplers?

And then find your puppy pal tape dispenser, and start giving yourself a Scotch tape facelift.

But seriously, though, D'AWWWWWWW.

H/T: BuzzFeed

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