You Don't Have To Throw Out Your Old Plastic Bags. Here Are 20 Great Uses For Them

New laws in many cities are cracking down on the use of plastic bags, requiring a small fee or even banning them altogether. Even though they're a common nuisance for litter, plastic bags are super versatile and reusable. So before you pitch that bag, take a look at a few ways to squeeze a little extra life out of it.

Use plastic bags to wrap fragile items. Not only will it pad them, but just in case one of your breakables takes a tumble, it will keep the glass from spreading.


Remember to recycle them appropriately when you've finished with them.


Bag up the almost-ripe fruits and vegetables in your garden to keep them from getting bruised or eaten by bugs.

Grow It Eat It

Use a dab of glue to turn them into beads.

Planet Forward

Cut out the lid of a milk jug and attach it to a bag for easy dried food storage. This is great for keeping them dry on camping trips.

Cut Out + Keep

Fill pillowcases with plastic bags for patio decor. They won't get moldy with moisture the way pillows will. And when you need to change them out, it's free.

Mama Ging


The same applies to bedding.

A Mom Knows

Wrap a paint tray with a plastic bag and pour the paint in the bag for easier cleanup. This is great if you're just doing tiny touch-ups with a brush.

Coffee With Us 3

Bags make adorable kites for novice fliers.

Alanna George

Wrapping hangers with strips of plastic bags helps them grip clothes more easily.

My Recycled Bags

Braid them into a jump rope.

A Childhood List

You can make urban chic placemats with your bags.

Glue and Glitter

Or go all the way and turn them into a trendy reusable tote bag.

Etsy Labs Archive


Bunch them together to make a romantic hanging light for the garden.


Hard to believe this basket was made from old bags.


They make really cool chunky friendship bracelets too.

Make it Easy Crafts

You can make eco-friendly plastic yarn from recycled bags, called "plarn," and knit more durable projects. 


Like these plarn sandles.


Or waterproof hanging planters.


These retro plastic coaster doilies.

Jobyna Carpenter/CountryWoman

Credit: Distractify 

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