You Might Be Shocked When You See This Dog, But Her Story Will Make You Think Twice.

Pig is truly a one-in-a-million kind of dog. She was found in the woods near Atlanta, Georgia, where she’d been abandoned by her mother. The first vet that examined her recommended putting her down, but that’s when Kim Dillenbeck stepped in. She’d had some experience with rescued dogs before, though never one quite like Pig. Still, she took on the challenge of giving pig another chance at life.

Pig was found abandoned and alone.

Without all of Kim’s love and support, this unique puppy never would have made it.

Pig’s not like most dogs.


Her spine is incomplete, with some parts missing, and some of her vertebrae are also fused and/or twisted.

She’s also missing some ribs, and her joints and hips are rotated at the wrong angles.

Here, you can see how her spinal cord actually splits into two right by her neck.

None of that matters though, because she’s quite happy in her new home.


Her bone structure means she’ll never be able to gain much weight (which almost sounds nice as a human, but not for dogs).

Pig will be just fine, though, with all the love and affection Kim provides for her.

Look at that happy face.

Kim gave Pig a second chance at life. Without her, Pig would have been euthanized, but Kim was willing to put in the time, effort, and love to make sure that Pig has a nice, full life. You can’t judge a book by its cover, because under her unusual appearance, Pig is a sweetheart with a winning personality.

Credit: Twenty Two Words 

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