You Might Not Have Noticed This Important Symbol On Your Makeup

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Everyone's got a hobby - some people like collecting stamps, some like collecting pennies, and at least one girl I used to know collected makeup. She had countless different mascaras. foundations. lipsticks, and more. I'm not really sure why, because she was really naturally pretty, but it seems it was more of something for her to do than a reflection of how she felt about her looks.

Having been dragged through a Sephora more than once in my life, I can tell you that there is an overwhelming variety of makeup products out there. It turns out, however, that there's one common symbol on a lot of makeup that's pretty important know about... yet most people don't.

Makeup - there's never enough.


So many women buy new makeup before the old one even runs out.


But wait! There's something you should know before you powder up...


Have you ever seen this symbol?

Into The Gloss

Check the back of your makeup for a symbol like this. You may have seen it, but what does it mean?


Check out this lipstick, for instance. It's got the symbol of the open jar, along with a number and the letter "M." The number indicates how many months the product is good for after you open it. In this case, it's good for 12 months.

Younique with Kasia

So go ahead and check your makeup.

Tri Makeup

You may be surprised by how old it is.

Using makeup past its expiration may seem harmless, but it can potentially lead to infection.


Even shampoo has this symbol. Who knew shampoo expired?

Elle Marie Hair Studio

This is why it's important to always examine the expiration date, and also why it's best to use up your old products before you open up new ones.

The Green Vanity


When you open a new product, write the date down somewhere you can reference it easily.


Remember to clean your makeup brushes regularly, too. It might seem like a hassle, but there's a lot of bacteria on those brushes.


So now you know. Go out and slay, ladies!


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