You’d Never Believe These Stories, So We Got Photographic Proof

The world is a wonderful place, and every day there's a whole host of odd things happening that you would never believe if people simply shared a story with you. Sometimes, to be able to believe in something, you need proof—you simply have to see it with your own eyes. That's fair enough.

We've found some of those moments to share with you now. Each of these photos captures a moment in time which would be impossible to believe if it weren't for the photographic evidence. Hope you enjoy it—each photo is just hilariously awesome.

1. The President Was A Part-Time Clown

It turns out that while he was running the world's most powerful nation, President Barack Obama also had time for a sense of humor. 

2. The Amazing Unique Twins


Twins are always special, but it's hard to image twins more unique than these two lovely girls. Yes, one twin is black and the other is white. 

3. Stephen Hawking Meets Banana Man A Lot


These gentlemen were out on their "stag night"—a bachelor party—when they bumped into Professor Stephen Hawking, who was happy to stop for a photo. 

4. Vladimir Putin Paid Attention In Class


The Russian President pays attention when his opposite number speaks. Here he is making notes whilst listening to former President Barack Obama at a function. 

5. The Cutest Baby Of Them All


This is a baby fox snuggled up for a sleep on the top of someone's parked car. It's absolutely adorable, even though we don't know how he got there. 


6. The Wrong Kind Of Prize


How did this small child get inside the machine? We don't know, and by the looks on their faces, they don't know either. 

7. The Snazzily Dressed Penguins


To prevent penguins from being in discomfort while an oil spill was being cleared, they were all provided with these brightly colored sweaters. Isn't that fabulous?

8. The Porky Possum


This rather wonderful possum broken into a bakery. After scarfing down as many cakes as he could get his hands on, he then collapsed with a full tummy.

9. Walmart Doppelgangers


That wonderful moment when The Matrix glitches and suddenly your local Walmart has doubles of people wandering around. Isn't that both peculiar and totally wonderful? 

10. The Hair Cut That Was Pasted Elsewhere

Funny As Duck

These two gentlemen make for a marvelous image when you look closely. That's because it looks like one of them is wearing the other's hair and vice-versa. 

11. The Bat Preacher


Who do you get to officiate at your wedding? It's a tough choice and this couple cracked under the strain and went for Batman. 


12. Police Detectives Dressing Up


These policemen aren't waiting for gender reassignments. In fact, they were LAPD police officers who were undercover in the 1960s trying to catch a purse snatcher.

13. The Best Bagel Tale Of Them All


It's good to see that the folks at Twitter are only too happy to listen to a customer, as long as that customer is a bagel. 

14. The Giant Wedding That Beats Them All


Yes, this couple really is getting married with a Disney themed wedding, and yes, they really did attend as Shrek and Fiona. That's awesome. 

15. The Double Fruit Goodness

Daily Mail

And here we have a double banana. Two bananas, one skin. It's absolutely amazing and we want one, two, whatever, yum—it's the best way to add potassium to your diet.

We're really lucky someone with a camera was on hand for these moments otherwise, nobody would believe them. 

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