You'd Never Guess What's Inside This Crack In The Rocks. It's Truly Breathtaking.

When a photographer went on an adventure to the Antelope Lower Canyon in Page, Arizona, he had one goal. He saw what looked like a crack in the desert landscape on his first trip and vowed to explore it further. When he went back in 2013, he was determined to go exploring.

The entrance is narrow and almost hidden by the rocks.

But you never would have guessed what's inside.

This doesn't even look real.

Look at those gorgeous pink tones!


The natural light is coming in from the sunrise.

This looks like it's straight out of a movie.

A beautiful sand cascade catches in the morning light.

It's very spacious inside. You would never have guessed.


The photographer leaves a little advice for other would-be photographers of this beautiful space:

"This place is so peaceful. Note that it is the "LOWER" canyon. The upper is also very beautiful, but it was CROWDED with people. I enjoyed the lower a lot more. Advice for photographers: bring a tripod, chose your lens before going in, and stick with it. It's very dusty in the canyon. Shoot raw if you can. If you can't, go for the "cloudy" white balance, you'll get nice colors!"

Credit: Imgur

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