You'd Never Know It, But The Tunnels Of An Abandoned Salt Mine Are The Best Place For Sleep.

When you log onto airbnb for a little rest and relaxation, you might check out some cabins and cottages with a majestic vista, a place to watch the sunset or maybe even a place with an ocean view. But since the 1970s, visitors to this special retreat in the Ukraine have gone subterranean to spend the night 984 feet below ground in an abandoned salt mine. 

It is thought that the air in the caves can be beneficial for people suffering respiratory illness.

Scientists say that the antibacterial properties of the salt mine makes the air inside of it more sterile than a hospital's.

The pools in the mine are saltier than the Dead Sea.


It's so popular that the mine has a waiting list for the privilege of sleeping underground.

Above the mines, a hospital provides further treatment options for visitors.

Although the air has nothing on what the caves has to offer. The caves look cold, but the temperature stays steadily warm at a comfortable 70°.

Credit: English Russia

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