You'll Only Understand These Things If You're TOUGH (But Sensitive)

It's a little-known fact, but many people who appear to be tough and uncaring are in fact, very sensitive. You see, the hard exterior often masks a soft center.

But how do you tell if you're a tough person with a sensitive side as opposed to a straight-up piece of granite? It can be hard to work out, but here are 15 things that will help you make that call. 

The more of these signs that you recognize, the more likely it is that while your friends think you're hard as nails, they also know that you have a softer, more gentle side, too.

1. Conflicted

Valiant Group

The tough person will dislike a large number of people but peculiarly, they will also care deeply about whether or not other people like them.

2. A Friend In Need


There's no doubt about it that one of the big benefits of having a tough person for a friend is that they're always there to stick up for a friend when they need it.

3. Not Such A Good Friend


However, while tough people may stick up for their friends, they're not such good friends to themselves and are reluctant to stand up for themselves.

4. Anger And Sadness

This is Not a True Ending

It's worth noting that tough people can often find themselves crying with rage. Other people can mistake this for sadness which is worrying to the sensitive tough person.


5. Clinical In A Storm


The sensitive tough person gets ahead of the game to smooth out issues. When there's a major issue, they're putting it to bed before anyone else even notices there's a problem.

6. Rush Of Emotion


They may take care of issues like The Terminator, but that doesn't stop the sensitive side from being overwhelmed by emotions. Even kitten pictures can pull the trigger on this.

7. Brittle Walls

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Tough-sensitive people may be brilliant at getting angry and lashing out in an argument, but they're normally not very good at taking the same in return.

8. Dwelling On Things

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There's a tendency to overthink things hidden under the surface of your average tough-sensitive person, and a minor comment may become a major irritant for a long time.

9. Cold Hearted

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The tough person wants the world to know about their toughness and they will constantly tell people that they have no feelings about anything at all.

10. Pants On Fire

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Everybody has feelings, especially tough-sensitive people, and they feel embarrassed when someone's words to them really do have an emotional impact. They don't want anyone else to know.


11. Private Versus Public


A tough-sensitive person may let their guard down at home with their significant other and be "cutesy." However, they'd rather die than do this in public.

12. The End Of The Line

Never What You Think

The tough-sensitive person's favorite piece of advice to dispense is to "cut that person out of your life." Why? Because that's what they'd do.

13. The Exit


Yet, when a tough-sensitive person does cut someone out of their life, it's not as easy as they think. They'll end up dwelling on it for days, weeks, months or even years to come.

14. Sorry, But You Had To Hear This

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The number one mark of being tough is being able to give your friends advice they need to hear, but they just don't want to hear. 

15. Catch Me, I'm Falling

The Odyssey

The tough-sensitive person is always there to catch a friend and comfort them when they don't follow the advice the tough person gave them.

So are you tough-sensitive or do you know somebody who is? These warning signs should help you figure it out. 

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