Young Schoolboy Reciting Pledge And Praying Before Entering School Goes Viral

A mother in Texas spotted her son lingering outside the doors of his school one morning. When she realized that he was praying and reciting the Pledge of Allegiance, she posted it to Facebook, where it went massively viral and attracted over 2 million views. 

Heather Nelson was just dropping off her son, Royce, at his elementary school in Santa Fe, Texas.

Usually, she'd just let him slide out the car before driving away, but on this day, she decided to stick around for a bit. Just as Royce was about to go through the doors, he paused. Heather was puzzled at first and tried to tell him to go inside. 

"I couldn't really tell what he was doing and I was saying 'Royce..go..go' as kids walked around him," she wrote. "Well he didn't budge and I thought what is this child doing?"

That's when Heather realized that Royce was saying a prayer and reciting the Pledge of Allegiance.

Police Officer Cibby Moore approached the boy to find out what was going on, and she was stunned. "I couldn’t believe that he acknowledged that that was a moment of, you know, you need to stop do the pledge and he just did. He just ignored all the kids around him and kept doing it. And it was awesome." 

The speakers had starting blaring the Pledge of Allegiance as he was walking to the doors. Despite the tardy, Royce felt that he had to stop and show respect.

He also said a little prayer, "Thank you, God. Thank you for giving me a wonderful day.” 

According to Heather, Royce decided to say a silent prayer every morning as a testament to his faith. That was the moment that she captured in her now-viral photograph. Heather is naturally proud of her son, but also credits his grandparents are a major factor in his good values.

"I can't take all the credit..he has a role model..that awesome man you know as Judge Mike Nelson," she said, referencing his grandfather. "Goodness he loves his Paw Paw. He has so many of his's awesome."

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H/T: Opposing Views | Heather L Nelson

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