Young "Star Wars" Fan Writes Letter To George Lucas And Gets Sweet Response

Apr 23, 2015

Seven-year-old Colin Gilpatric is dead set on becoming a Jedi Knight when he grows up. Colin, who has autism, was reading about his future career in one of his many Star Wars books and discovered that Jedis were not allowed to marry.

He was very disturbed by this news and decided he needed to do something about it. With the help of his mom Peggy, the little guy wrote a letter to George Lucas pleading for a change in the code.

Much to Colin and his family's surprise, Lucasfilm wrote back.


Colin was also sent an assortment of “Star Wars” memorabilia with his letter.

Colin's response was recorded by his mom and his excitement can almost be felt through the video.

"For them to give him that little piece of magic will make our entire family forever loyal," his mother told the New York Times. She also added with a laugh that ever since they received their letter, Colin has apparently been asking little girls in his class to marry him. He proposed so much, his teacher even sent a letter home stating she was concerned.

Credit: Laughing Squid | Geek Dad

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