You've Heard Of Red And White, Now Try Blue Wine

Wine pairing can already be a confusing prospect. Red wine goes with steak, and white with fish and pork. Or is it the other way around? If you’re one of the smarties who has all this figured out, get ready for a wrench in your culinary gears. Blue wine, my friends, has entered the equation.

Thanks to a Spanish startup called Gik, blue wine is now a reality. Mankind’s greatest wine-based achievement was accomplished with help from the University of the Basque Country and Azti Tecnecalia, a food research team. The wine itself is made from both white and red grapes from all across Spain. The blue tint is thanks in part to the presence of anthocyanin (a pigment found in grape skin), as well as some indigo dye. Gik is hoping that its new product will redefine what it means to be a wine drinker, and chose the unusual color to represent “movement, innovation, and infinity.” The bottles will initially only be available in Europe, but we hope that Gik will make its way to the States soon. Now we just need some blue foods to pair it with.

Move over, white and red. Here comes blue wine!

This new wine was invented by a Spanish startup, presumably run by Smurfs.

The wine owes its blue color in part from a chemical found in grape skin.


The company, named Gik, says the bottles will retail for around £8 (roughly $12).

Initially, it will only be available in Europe.

We finally have a wine that won't stain denim!

We wonder what foods it will be paired with?


Check out the video below for more information:

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