About Us

WIMP was launched in 2008 to share amazing videos, incredible stories and funny clips with the world. Every day our team of writers creates original articles, memes, original content, and we also highlight our favorite videos from around the web. Our mission is to help people laugh, find entertainment from our content. We want to make the world a better place.

What we are:

  • We are a group of entertainment crusaders who began as a small-but-mighty startup and quickly grew into melting pot of funny videos, memes, photos, articles and more!
  • We are people who advocate that knowledge and discovery can enhance the journey of life for all humans, so we handpick topics we hope will spark embers of burning curiosity that lead you to fire up new conversations, open new doors, and gain new insight into the world around you.
  • We are kind, and we love it when others are, too.

What we aren’t:

  • We are not a source for breaking news stories. We do not want to be.
  • We are not going to discuss current politics. It’s not that we don’t care, but there’s enough places on the internet for this kind of information.

What you should know:

  • You should know that we wouldn’t be here without you!
  • You should know that we are only growing because of you!
  • You should know that we respect, value, and appreciate your comments, opinions, contributions, and loyalty!

Who we are:

  • WIMP’s senior leadership includes: CEO, Ramsey M | ramsey@wimp.com
  • Editorial Staff: Editor-in-Chief and Senior Video Editor: Justin Gardner | justin [at] wimp.com
  • Staff Writers and Contributors: Ashley K | staffwriters [at] wimp.com
    Matt Gilligan | staffwriters [at] wimp.com

We thank you all, from the bottoms of our warm, fuzzy, little hearts.