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Is it Michelle. Michele, or Michael? No matter how the “Michelle’s” of the world spell or pronounce their names, these 10 things only they would understand.

10. Um, my name is spelled m i c h e l l e.

9. It’s disappointing when my name is pronounced wrong, but from my parents??

8. You will forever be thought of as being named after Michelle Tanner from Full House.

Photo Credit: Bustle

7. Or maybe Michelle Pfeiffer.

Photo Credit: Buzzfeed

6. Seriously, Meesh?

Photo Credit: Twitter, @meeeshwaa

5. Being called by a completely different name, like Melissa.

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4. You always introduce yourself as Michelle with 2 “L’s”.

3. And you smile and repeat it so they remember.

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2. You may even forget how to spell it yourself and leave off the extra L and maybe an E.

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1. But it’s okay, because your name literally means “Who is Like God” and that’s hard to live up to.

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But no sweat Michelle, you got this.