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Ever notice when anyone says you can’t do something, it just makes you want to do it just so you can say, “HA.” Maybe your goal was only impossible for them!

And, doesn’t success taste even sweeter when all you got was grief for even trying?

Writer Amanda Deibert wanted to hear from people who were told they couldn’t do something, but did it anyway…

Apparently, spite is a powerful motivator. Because plenty of people responded…

1. Being a mother does not equal failure.

2. When life hands you 18th centry French, you make Portuguese.

3. Everyone can now shut the hell up!

4. Gee, thanks for the support!

4. She’s pretty damn smart.

5. Stand up to injustice.

6. Everyone deserves to work in safety.

7. Take that, horrible pig.

8. Sometimes discouragement makes you work even harder.

9. Never let anyone tear you down.

10. Statistics show they can kiss our asses.

11. Female and left-handed? How could she possibly succeed?

12. No one should ever say you’re worthless.

The truth is, success comes to those who never stop trying. Hard work is being the first one in the pool and the last one to get out.

Perseverance pays off and you should never let anyone tell you differently.