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Nobody likes to work out. Sure, there are people who say they do, but we all know they’re just liars who want to seem cooler and healthier than us. And we’re not buying it.

So, if you like to skip leg day, arm day, and all the other days at the gym, then these 13 tweets are for you.

1. It does in our book.

2. Shed those dream-calories!

Photo Credit: Twitter: @MJRiggins

3. The best-laid plans…

Photo Credit: Twitter: @PollenAndy

4. It’s important to work out your stomach, too.

Photo Credit: Twitter: @JDres15

5. So foolish.

Photo Credit: Twitter: @4anno

6. It knows the truth.

Photo Credit: Twitter: @RexHuppke

7. Nothing says relaxation like a racing heart and tons of sweat.

8. Whoa, slow down!

9. Totally valid.

10. Melt your cares (and your cheese) away.

11. So close, yet so far.

12. It’s a full-body workout.

Photo Credit: Twitter: @bogadafet

13. Classic.

Photo Credit: Twitter: @aparnapkin

See y’all at the gym! (Jk.)