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Every day, you get up and take a shower (or, in my case, you take one before bed because it’s relaxing as hellllll, yo). We’ve all got our shower routines down, but when Reddit asked users to provide some tips to take the daily shower up a notch, the responses did not disappoint. While they aren’t all brilliant, there are definitely some gems in here!

1. I might have to try this one

Menthol body wash. So much awesome.

2. I can vouch for this one myself

I took a soil science class in college, and our professor dropped a HUGE bomb on us: if you ever get the money to do so, splurge on a salon-grade water softener for your shower. You know how your hair always comes out of the salon lookin on point? Well- it ain’t all the shampoo they’re using. Their water is legitimately cleaner than yours. Your water is full of chemicals and hard solutes that fuck up and damage your hair- they’re running on pure H2O. Our prof had a water softener put into his house and he said he’s never going back. As someone with naturally frizzy hair, it is a long term goal of mine to have one put into my future home.

3. Warm and toasty

If you have a dryer, put the clothes you’re going to wear in on med/high heat while you’re showering so they are nice and warm when you get out of the shower.

4. Luscious

Anytime you can use good soap.

5. Liberating

Eating fruit. Seriously, try it. Shit’s liberating.

6. Party in the shower

Shower beers and waterproof speakers.

7. This is so real

If you can, a cubicle shower with a glass door beats a shower curtain any day of the week. It feels a little like a suicide booth if you’re not used to it, but it traps the heat much better and so you can take your sweet time without ever worrying about the chill.

8. A must

I didn’t see it mentioned, but warm towels are a great way to end a shower. In general, a good towel is a must.

9. Hm…

Naked poop beforehand.

10. Disclaimer

Not taking one for a week or more make the ones you do take so much more enjoyable. Disclaimer: I don’t do this regularly just when I go out hiking.

11. Green garden

Fill your bathroom with humidity loving plants, get some sheer shower curtains and feel like you’re showing in a garden.

12. Extra space

Curved curtain rod. Makes it feel so much less cramped

13. Ending on a high note

Rather than singing to yourself in the shower, hire a local choir.

14. Never ending shower

Tankless water heater. Never ending shower potential.

15. Hose away

Get the shower head on a hose so you can pull it off the wall and hose down all of your dirty self.

16. Don’t mind if I do!

Have a shower partner.

17. Binge watching on a whole new level

Buy a cheap tablet or get an old phone you don’t care about, buy a toothbrush holder with suction cups, you now have Netflix in the shower. Been watching shows for about 5 years now in every shower, only dropped a phone twice!

18. Shower shave

Shaving your face in the shower feels so good. Get a fog resistant mirror and you’re golden. It will still fog up but some soapy water will keep it fog free for the rest of that shower.