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Having a bad week? Are you a little down in the dumps? Well, hang on tight, because I have something that I think is going to make you incredibly happy.

Dogs! Great dogs! Wholesome, heartwarming photos of pooches that are going to do you a world of good.

So get ready to be in a much better mood in 3… 2… 1…

1. Punk rocker

This guy was at the vet today
byu/FattyMcFat212 inaww


3. Walking on water

4. LOL

5. His version of Hell

6. Cool him off

7. Good boy!

8. Would you look at that?

9. OMG

10. Polar bear

From dog to bear
by inaww

11. I could watch this a million times

12. It’s a miracle!

my 16 year old boy woke up in a rainbow.
byu/digitallandfill inaww

13. Awwwwwww

proud mother of two
by inaww

14. Broken dog

15. Pleased to meet ya!

That’s better!