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Hey, they need to earn their keep, right? Darn right they do. No free rides here, even for pooches.

These dogs are all working hard to make some extra cash for the summer.

Good boys and girls!

1. Lifeguards

Lifeguard doggos in Croatia
byu/karlo_m inaww

2. Postal employee

Jax is the official stamp licker at the post office
by inaww

3. May I help you?

My local hardware has a dog that follows you around, and takes your items to the counter for you.
byu/POCKALEELEE inpics

4. Great work!

My buddies dog who is trained to dig up Sea Turtle nests so they can be safely incubated and set free after the hatch.
byu/imjustadudeguy indogswithjobs

5. Working hard

Goodboi doggo, Uuno, works very hard as a video game developer.
byu/Remember__Me indogswithjobs

6. Good boy!

Pilot scares away all the birds who might otherwise come in to contact with aircraft at Vancouver Airport
byu/cre8tors indogswithjobs

7. Hunter

My truffle hunter with the 18oz of white truffles she found today
byu/K931SAR indogswithjobs

8. Hello, Oreo!

This is Oreo and he’s the greeter at our menswear store!
byu/_acuddlemonster_ indogswithjobs

9. In class all day

K9 at their training
byu/duuuk indogswithjobs

10. Pickle

This is Pickle, a certified search dog for BC Search & Rescue. Here he is posing proudly with a shoe he found
byu/ehabanks indogswithjobs

11. Greeter/Security

This bar I go to has a roof where the security guard stays in one spot to welcome guests.
byu/midimontage inaww

12. Awwwww

A bit late, but meet Hope! She gave kisses and candy at the airport on Valentine’s day
byu/erinthegreat0042 indogswithjobs

13. Postal assistant

Barney is assistant and all-round good boy at the Post Office in Drumshambo, County Leitrim, Ireland
by indogswithjobs

14. Morale Officer

Biscuit, a staff moral officer.
byu/thecockmeister indogswithjobs

15. Takes his job seriously

Heckin good boy helped me at the body shop today after I got into an accident. Best customer service I’ve had in a while
byu/mnopqrunks indogswithjobs

Back to work, Fido!