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Many times, food transcends culture, country, and language. There are universal truths about food that you just can’t argue with.

Like getting a surprise onion ring in your fries. It’s like a gift from the Gods above smiling down on you! Right?!?!

Here are 15 food opinions that you might as well accept as gospel.

1. That pellet ice is da bomb

Only REAL ice eaters
byu/arkansassafras ingatekeeping

2. Pasta is better when it’s cut into shapes

3. Holiday Reese’s are just mouthwatering

4. Cereal at night: Bon Appétit

5. As I said before…

6. So much better the second day

7. No arguments here

8. That’ll fix a bad day

9. The best!

10. I bow down to this sandwich

11. The spoon completes it

12. Well, you should be a scientist


14. Their Sprite is on point

15. I concur

Do you have any more food opinions to add to this arsenal?

Drop them in the comments, yo!