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I was at a friend’s house recently and his 1-year-old son was crying hysterically because he wasn’t allowed to eat the dog’s food…so, yeah, I’ve seen a little bit of this kind of behavior firsthand.

If you’re a parent or you spend a lot of time around children, these funny posts will look VERY familiar.

1. It’s not really golden

2. Might be a little bit cold

3. Not good enough

4. Wait, the one on TV?

5. Not that one!

6. “Sticker”

7. Switch off the sun, please

8. You can’t hold your own poop, son

9. No batteries

10. Grow them back!

11. Doesn’t exist…

12. “That was my best friend!”

13. You’re not allowed in there

14. No biting the cat

15. The agony!

Hey kids! It’s going to be okay. We promise.

Got any hilarious stories about kids throwing tantrums for no good reason? Share ’em in the comments!