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Ladies, this article is gonna make you laugh, but it’s also REALLY gonna annoy the hell out of you. And I’m sorry about that.

But you need to see these stories of men doing their thing, otherwise known as “mansplaining.”

And we’re off!

1. Here’s how it works…

2. Ummm, I wrote both of those

3. Again, I wrote that

4. Preaching to the choir

5. Idiot

6. Listen up!

7. What a relief

8. I know all about it, dude

9. Oh boy

10. Over your head

11. Listen, I’ve been to Trader Joe’s

12. Sit down, Junior

13. Please educate me

14. Literally wrote the book

15. That is uncomfortable

Ladies, do you have any of your own ridiculous mansplaining stories?

Share ’em in the comments!