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People don’t play around when it comes to their kids.

And that’s the way it should be!

But still, kids can get lessons from other people, right?

Well, this one didn’t go over too well…

Read on and see if you think this woman was out of line for what she said to a little girl.

AITA for explaining to a little girl why my son “looks weird” to her?

“I am 30, my husband is 28, and we have a 9-year-old son.

Both my husband and I come from a mixed-race background. My mother is a brown South Asian woman while my father is a white Eastern European man.

My husband comes from a Central American family that has interracial parents going back centuries. Our son has clear ethnic features, but he is much paler than both my husband and I. He may appear “white-passing” from a distance. 2/4 of his grandparents also have white skin, so this is no surprise to us.

The little girl opened her mouth…

Some days ago, we were out grocery shopping when we ran into my son’s classmate, her younger sister and their parents. We struck up some small-talk with the parents while our kids talked, when the younger sister remarked that my son “looks weird.”

Her parents looked mortified, but neither my husband or myself took offense. She looks about 6-years-old, and children have little to no filter. We also live in a predominantly white European country. I can tell that it came from a place of curiosity rather than from a place of ill-intent.

She gave the kid a life lesson.

I told this little girl something along the lines of, “Think about your grandparents. They all look very similar, don’t they? Well, my son’s grandparents all look very differently. That means that my son has four very different faces making up his own.”

She seemed a little confused, and I will admit that I have never been very good at “kid-talking,” but she seemed very interested and thanked me.

Not everyone was pleased…

The mother, however, was not appreciative. She told me that it was extremely rude of me to have that kind of conversation with someone else’s child, and that I should have let her and her partner do it on their own accord.

I apologized, and explained to her that I did not mean to interfere with their parenting, but that I could tell her young girl was genuinely curious. She again reiterated that this was a conversation that the parents of the child should have, and to stay out of it.

I asked her, “Well, if it was up to you, then when would you have this conversation with your child? Because mixed-race and non-white people will exist even when you think your child isn’t ready to learn about them.” My response seemed to anger her quite a bit, but her partner told her to drop it. We said our goodbyes and went on with our day.

Things are now weird at school.

According to my son, his classmate has since been very “wary” of him. According to him, she acts as if he has personally wronged her, despite the catalyst most likely being our interaction at the store.

I am very sad that this seems to have caused issues in the classroom, and it is causing my boy a fair bit of distress, too. I would like to ask if I am in the wrong, so that I can take the appropriate measures needed.”

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