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If you are a Game of Thrones fan, I’m sure you can’t wait to feast your eyes on the upcoming season! We are waiting in angsty suspense on who will claim the iron throne. But maybe you don’t have to wait until the new season starts to claim the throne yourself. Well, maybe for your pet, that is.

Photo Credit: Etsy, Made for Pets

Made for Pets, an Etsy shop, can give your cat or dog the pleasure of snuggling up on a plush version on the iron throne, fit for a Feline King or Puppy Princess.

“I’m so excited to show you Iron Throne cat bed. I had a lot of fun while making it. And thanks to my customer for this idea! For all fans of the «Game of Thrones» – a large and cozy Throne for your pet. I’m sure that your pet deserves it, and if you do not have a pet yet, then you will get it!”

Photo Credit: Etsy, Made for Pets

The owner of the Etsy shop made sure the throne was made of soft material your pet will enjoy.

“The throne is made of soft material (foam rubber) with using a construction inside. Covered with soft textile.

Decorated with decorative swords painted in silver color, and silver ribbons.
All this is supplemented by a soft pillow. It is made of light and dark gray color. Pillow filled with air material – sintepon, kittens like to massage it with paws.”

Photo Credit: Etsy, Made for Pets

Spending a cool $272 per throne means nothing when you love your animals.

The customer reviews are promising!

“Maximus loves his throne, he is literally in it every single day, it’s his favorite spot!! And it looks amazing, great quality. So happy with it :D”

“The Throne is so cool, my cats love to sleep in it. Winter is coming, but the Throne is warm.”

So head out and get your “Thrones on” before the final season!