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Never say never and always keep moving forward. Those are the lessons we can all learn from a high school student in Canton, Ohio.

Losing weight is very difficult, and student Michael Watson knew all about it. Just two years ago, Watson weighed 335 pounds and was frequently bullied about his weight. So he decided to do something about his situation – and that meant sticking with his new plan, no matter what.

Every day, no matter rain, sleet, snow, or sunshine, Watson walked to school instead of taking the bus. That’s all he changed. He walked to school.

And his perseverance paid off in a huge way. By walking 20 minutes to and from school each day during his sophomore, junior, and senior years, he’s lost 115 pounds (so far). Watson said he also made some adjustments to his diet to help himself lose weight.

You can see Watson’s dramatic transformation in the photos above. His school’s Facebook page highlighted Watson’s journey.

Watson graduates from high school this summer, and he’ll be taking a full-time job. He said he fell in love with acting in a drama class he took last year and one day he wants to pursue his dream of becoming an actor. It takes a lot of guts and determination to stick with such a long term commitment, especially when you are so used to acting one way for your entire life.

Watson said about his weight loss journey, “Every day is a new day. Anybody can do it if they put their mind to it.”

Yes, they can. Keep up the great work, Michael!