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Bird lovers, you’re in for quite a treat!

A woman named Lisa who goes by the handle Ostdrossel on Instagram is sharing the fabulous photos from the photo booth she set up in her yard in Michigan to capture all the birds that frequent her property.

Lisa is originally from Germany and she was surprised with the various species of birds she saw in Michigan that are not common in her home country. She uses a Bird Photo Booth 2.0 to document the comings and goings in her yard, and I think you’ll agree that these photos are a lot of fun.


1. Shedding old feathers

2. Grackle

3. A twofer

4. Red-winged Blackbird

5. Finch

6. A dove

7. Beautiful Blue Jay

8. Good-looking Oriole

9. Bluebird

10. Flashy!

11. Love the hairdo

12. Don’t crowd me, bro!

13. Ground level

14. Goldfinch

15. Snack time

Now I want to do this in my yard! Non-stop entertainment!