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If you or someone you love has had to deal with depression, you know how awful it can be for everyone involved.

A woman who goes by the name tinytwink tweeted about her husband’s depression, and how their 11-year-old daughter, Ellie, made her dad a chart to help him through the dark days.

The chart she made reads:

“If you’re feeling down there is no need to frown! Just talk or go for a walk! Drink your coffee and eat some toffee or watch a movie or maybe sneak a little boogie!! Love xxxx Just smile!”

Mom was very proud of her daughter.

Especially when she learned Ellie made up the whole thing herself.

The wife said that her husband’s depression frequently occurs in the morning and can set the tone for the entire day.

People on Twitter responded to the heartfelt gesture from young Ellie.

It convinced some they wanted to be a parent!

While others could very much relate to hubby’s depression…

Because we all can use a reminder how great life is…

Who says that kids are selfish and don’t care about anything these days?

I think young Ellie just proved all of the naysayers very wrong.

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