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What does your “ideal” artist look like? They wearing paint-stained overalls? Their hair in messy and oily? Maybe acrylics streaked along their arms and face?

Times are a changing and Cristina Szeifert, a Romanian influencer, psychologist, ex-model, and artist is getting backlash for not posing as a “typical” artist.

Followers are calling her out for being a fake, but why?

Szeifert’s Instagram contains pictures of her posing in front of her canvases, done up and made up, holding a palette of paint. But people noticed that palette never changed. It was splattered with the same colors and marks in every photo.

It made people wonder what kind of artist is she?

And is she really one at all?

In a recent Buzzfeed News interview she said her paintings are real and she never meant to be deceiving.

If you really take a look at her Instagram as a whole, you can see she’s into inspiring and motivating others to be their “best person”.  Heck, her website states she is a life coach.

And sure, the internet is full of misleading people trying to be famous or make a buck, but frankly, do these (obviously posed) photos really expose something hidden? I don’t think so.

She says in the interview that image is very important. She was a model after all and wants to look her best. She does admit to getting cleaned up before taking a picture with her work.

“I have on my phone videos from almost every painting I did,” said Szeifert, responding directly to critics. “I am a model, artist, psychologist, and a public person so my image is very important — of course I don’t picture myself with dirty clothes.”

Jealousy by social media users? Perhaps.

“Painting for me is a passion and I don’t do it for money. I [post] pictures because I enjoy it,” said Szeifert. “I can see that some people are jealous finding little things on my pictures that [they] are criticizing … This situation is ridiculous.”

Even Reddit wasn’t having it and people were over critical and seriously concerned about her rug.

“Also no paint on her brush”

“She’s holding the palette the wrong way around”

“And over a what pile rug. I haven’t painted since I was a kid, but I’m sure there is still a good chance of an accident. I suppose it’s ok since her paint is all dry.”

“And paints on top of a fancy rug without putting a cloth down? The though of painting anywhere near a carpet makes me shudder.”

The palette is more than a prop it’s a “symbol of art” for her.

“I paint with different things; sometimes I use the palette and sometimes I don’t. The pictures are done after the painting is complete and I was using the palette in my hand as a symbol of art.”

In case you were wondering if the social media trolls were being a little harsh? Szeifert posted these videos proving she’s the real deal.


Seems a bit much, even for social media to harp on something so trivial.

But such is life.