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Did you go to summer camp when you were a kid? If so, do you remember writing letters home to your parents? Maybe you were a little homesick and you poured your heart out to mom and dad, begging them to come pick you up.

Some kids just don’t know what they’re getting into when they go away to camp.

A hilarious Instagram account collects and posts these letters home from distraught kids. You’ll laugh and maybe even feel a little bit sorry for the kids who wrote these letters.

1. Decode the message

2. Hellhole

3. Hahahaha

4. Awwwww

5. Pretty simple

6. Not having a good time

7. Worst nightmare I’ve ever had

8. Not a fan

9. Needs that iPad

10. Maybe a bit extreme?

11. What’s the big deal?

12. Help!

13. Rash on P-nus

14. How bad it is

15. Uh oh

That might be one of the best Instagram accounts out there right now.