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Source: TikTok/@f.aa.ded

Ladies and gents, it’s time for another story about tipping and why it’s important to help out service industry folks when you get some food or grab a beer.

A bartender named Aaliyah posted a video on TikTok and showed viewers just how important tipping is when you go out to eat or get drinks.

Source: TikTok/@f.aa.ded

The paycheck shown in the video verifies that she made $2.13 per hour for just over 70 hours at her bartending job.

Source: TikTok/@f.aa.ded

And then came all the deductions…Medicare, taxes, Social Security, etc.

After that, her paycheck came to a grand total of $9.28 for all those hours worked.

Now do you understand why tipping your servers is so important?

Source: TikTok/@f.aa.ded

Check out the video.


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Let’s see how people reacted on TikTok.

One viewer said a lot of people just won’t understand…

Source: TikTok/@f.aa.ded

This TikTokker isn’t a fan of tipping culture.

Source: TikTok/@f.aa.ded

And one person only goes out to eat if they know they can afford a tip.

Source: TikTok/@f.aa.ded

Folks, don’t forget to tip your bartenders and servers.

They’re counting on us!