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We’ve seen endless photos of funny dogs flashing their pearly whites for the camera, so it’s about time we see some kitties doing the same thing?

Why the lack of respect? Don’t ask me, but that’s about to change right this instant!

Take a look at a bunch of cat showing off their choppers. Because it’s the internet and what else do you have to do?

1. Grinning

Mr. Grinny McTeethy
byu/siegeaye inteefies

2. Listen up!

byu/00telperion00 inteefies

3. Mid-sneeze

Some mid-sneeze teefies to bring you luck on this Friday the 13th
byu/zook312 inteefies

4. Awwwww

sister found this lil guy under her porch 😸
by inteefies

5. Teeny tiny ones

Smol teef
byu/Grawlix5 inteefies

6. In charge

My shower overlord
byu/antioxidantal inteefies

7. Brand new

Brand New Teefies
byu/Noname_Maddox inteefies

8. Attack mode

Got you! Teefies
byu/greymanners inteefies

9. On the prowl

Vicious lion snarls as he shows his massive set of teefies to helpless prey.
byu/chahud inteefies

10. I like Milo!

Someone said you guys might like Milo!
byu/Myurnix inteefies

11. Oh, Agnes…

My dad sent me this “very ugly but so so sweet” kitty from his Airbnb in Hawaii. Her name is Agnes.
byu/aceparote inteefies

12. Stay away!

13. A beauty!

14. Lickin’ his chops

15. Fangs

I gotta say, I’m a big fan of this trend.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments. Because that’s what we do now.