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Since the enormous success of the Grumpy Cat and Lil Bub, the internet has been fascinated by cats with… unique facial features. True to the trend, there’s another unique, lovable kitty on the rise. A funky feline with a “resting b*tch face” was found in London by the RSPCA Putney Animal Hospital, and taken in due to some severe injuries.

angry cat

Photo Credit: Putney Animal Hospital

Luckily, the cat, named Saul, will make a full recovery. His frowny features, however, seem to be permanent. They’re not sure if he was born this way, or if he perhaps ended up like this due to an injury. Either way, we’re in love with this tabby’s face. He’s taken the internet by storm, with hundreds commenting on his judgmental squint.

The veterinary director of the RSPCA, Caroline Allen, commented on his immense popularity:

“We’re sure someone will fall in love with this glum-looking puss. In fact, we think he could be a bit of a star. We’re sure he’d give Grumpy Cat a run for his money that’s why we’re affectionately nicknaming him Grumpy Cat 2.0!”

While some might argue that this town isn’t big enough for two grumpy kitties, we beg to differ. When they’re both so cute, why pick one over the other?

Photo Credit: Putney Animal Hospital

He’s popular at his new residence, as well. The little orange tabby is safe from the dangers of the road, and is now being doted upon by the hospital staff. The employees at the animal hospital have taken a liking to Saul, saying:

“We have our very own grumpy cat at Putney. This is Saul and he’s decided that he’s the door security for Cat Ward. If your name’s not down – he’s not letting you in. He’s got a little clipboard and everything.”

Photo Credit: Putney Animal Hospital

He may look grumpy, but I’d bet he’s as sweet as can be!