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You’d think in this day and age that people would keep their mouths shut in the classroom because of the climate we live in…

And you’d especially think that was true for freakin’ COLLEGE PROFESSORS.

But it sounds like the guy you’re going to hear about wasn’t too bright…or just wasn’t paying attention.

But did this woman go too far?

Let’s see what she had to say.

AITA for reporting my college professor to my school?

“I (F21) have been going to college since September of last year.

From September to November we had a really nice lady as our main professor. She was already at the end of pregnancy when we started the school year so unfortunately she had to go.

The new guy showed up…

In December, we got a different professor (M38). I’ll call him K. K was a nice guy. He wasn’t too old, so he got along with a lot of the students, he was funny and everyone who knew him loved him.

A week before winter break, he had everyone do a PowerPoint presentation about themselves. Which, although some of us found childish, we all liked him so nobody complained.

Multiple students did their presentations before me, and all was fine, until it was my turn.

I am a contortionist and the summer before college I got to perform in a travelling circus.

I had been to that circus many times before so it was very cool that I got to be part of the show.

Contortion being my biggest hobby, I obviously mentioned it in my presentation.

When I mentioned that I got to perform in a circus, and that it was my dream job, K burst out laughing.

He said: “I’ve never heard someone be this excited to be a clown”. Everyone else in class started to laugh.

It’s a bit ignorant to assume that everyone in a circus is a clown, but fine.

He took things too far…

My mood changed however when I showed them a picture of me in contortion. (Like many poses in contortion, I was pretty much bent in half).

When I showed that picture, one of my classmates yelled: “Now that’s an arched back”, to which K, who should be more professional than that, responded: “I bet you’re quite popular in the bedroom”.

My heart dropped when he said that. I could not believe it.

I refused to finish my presentation. My classmates said I was overreacting.

After class, when I was about to walk out, I turned to K and said: “Gross joke”.

Then he said: “We’re all adults here. We can joke with each other. Sometimes you just have to put your ‘big girl pants’ on and suck it up”.

She was very upset over this.

I didn’t respond and walked out. At home I could not stop crying because I really felt uncomfortable with that joke.

I can usually handle it, but for some reason I felt like an idiot standing there.

I told my mom about what happened and she made me send an email to the school.

They took it very seriously and said they would take immediate action. January 8 was my first day back at school after winter break.

We were introduced to a new professor.

The new teacher isn’t messing around…

She’s okay, but she is quite strict and not everyone likes her.

She had a long lecture about inappropriate comments and how we as adults need to respect boundaries since we’re no longer little kids.

Now a lot of my classmates are mad at me because they are blaming me for K being gone.

I don’t know if K still works at our college. I’m not sure what happened to him.

But everyone thinks I’m an ******* now.”

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What a jerk!

These types of people should never be teachers!