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Should McDonald’s be a drive-thru-only establishment?

The jury is out on that one, but a man posted a video on TikTok and he’s firmly in the camp of folks who believe that Mickey D’s needs to do away with their dining rooms.

He said that McDonald’s locations don’t have the amenities they did in the past, so they might as well just become a drive-thru-only place at this point.

Source: TikTok/@rawcritix

The man said in his video, “This was the first thing I walked into. Look at just the lifelessness of this. No, that’s not a video game portal. The first thing you see are these modern-day, AI-looking computer things.”

He also sounded off on the lack of chairs and said, “You would walk into those doors, you have a clear pathway to the counter, you have a whole section where everybody can go sit down and eat. It was very welcoming. It just looks inviting.”

Source: TikTok/@rawcritix

The man continued and asked, “How uninviting does this look? This looks like they just ******* gave up.”

He added, “You knew it was gangster back in the day when it was a black background instead of the digital ones. You can see them making McFlurries right behind you.”

Source: TikTok/@rawcritix

Check out what he had to say.


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Now let’s see what people had to say about this.

One viewer shared their thoughts.

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This person was not impressed.

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And one TikTokker thinks this whole thing is just SAD.

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