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Source: TikTok/manicpixiemasc

Some DoorDash drivers really go above and beyond, huh?

And that’s certainly the case for a person named Danny who posted a video documenting what they had to do in order to deliver a food customer to a customer.

They said, “You know when you’re like, DoorDashing and they’re like, ‘Leave it at my door,’ but then there’s a gate…”.

Source: TikTok/manicpixiemasc

In the video, Danny crawled under the gate to get into the apartment complex and said, “You really expect us to just be doing this … for a $2.50 tip? What do you mean, ‘Leave it at my door?’ There’s a gate, no code.”

Source: TikTok/manicpixiemasc

I’m sure that was annoying, but at least we all got to see a good video!

Nice work, Danny!

Source: TikTok/manicpixiemasc

Take a look at the video.


Im jk this makes my acts of service language go crazy #doordash#fyp#genz#actsofservice#wlw

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Here’s what TikTokkers had to say.

This person would’ve handled it differently.

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Another TikTok user weighed in.

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And this person had a REALLY bad experience.

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Remember to tip your drivers!

They’re working hard!