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Double-booked is a term that no one in the event business ever wants to hear…because a lot of people are bound to get upset!

And the woman who wrote this story on Reddit’s “Am I the *******?” page wants to know if she handled her job badly…

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AITA for telling my bridal client that the venue was double booked?

“I (29F) and my business partner (34F) run a wedding planning and coordination business.

They have a system that works.

For context, we have several different packages, but it breaks down to basically A. We plan your wedding start to finish, or, B. You plan your wedding and we are there on the day of to execute the timeline, coordinate vendors, etc. etc. etc. to make sure the day runs smoothly and you have no stress.

Here’s what happened with one of our Package B clients:

The ceremony begins at 6PM (in a different area on the same property) and the bride was told that not only would she be the only wedding in the room that she booked on that day, but that because she was the only wedding in that room that day she would also be able to go in there prior to her ceremony to take photos as all vendors had ample time to complete the room setup.

No big deal, right?

Normally these photos would happen during cocktail hour, but she didn’t want to miss out on that so we were trying to accommodate her and it should’ve been no issue considering she was told that she was the only wedding that day.

Yesterday, we received an email from the florist stating that they couldn’t gain access to the reception room, according to the venue, until 5:45PM as there is another wedding occurring in the same room and it ends at 5:45PM.

Normally, this would be fine and we would simply rearrange timings and notify the vendors so that they can allocate additional personnel to account for a short setup time.

Uh oh…

So, we called the client and asked if she was aware of this (we understand now that she should’ve called the venue first to confirm this, however it ended up being accurate so it wouldn’t have made a difference). She was not and was incredibly upset.

She and her father called the venue and, apparently, went off on them. The venue event specialist then called my partner and scolded her for telling the client stating that “telling her the week of her wedding was bad coordinating practice and that we should’ve just let it go and then hung up on her without letting her speak.

A lot of people were upset with her.

After speaking with my partner about this phone call, I called the event specialist myself to get a feel for what was going on from his point of view. He gave me the same treatment, would not allow me to speak, and hung up on me.

Immediately after we attempted to call the bride at 5:50PM, but she didn’t answer. So, we sent her a text to please call us which she also did not answer.

An hour later, we sent another text to the group chat we have with her and her MOH (her sister) asking to please call us, but neither one of them has responded. It is now 12PM the next day and she still has not texted or called and we’re supposed to have our final call this evening.

So, AITA for telling her that she wouldn’t be able to take photos in the reception room prior to her ceremony because the venue booked another wedding during the day and we wouldn’t be able to have the room setup completed in time?”

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That sounds like a stressful job.

Good luck to them!