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Calling all potential car buyers!

This one’s for you…

A woman named Kaitlynd shared a video on TikTok and talked to viewers about what she thinks is the best time of the month to buy a new car.

And she oughta know…she used to work at a dealership.

Kaitlynd  said, “Secrets that car dealerships don’t want you to know coming from somebody that used to be in car sales.”

She continued, “Go and buy your car at the end of the month because they have quotas that they’re trying to meet. So you’re probably going to get a better deal because they’re desperate.”

Source: TikTok/@reddnea

Kaitlynd then said, “You can negotiate your interest rate. The bank is gonna give them one interest rate, and they can easily go in and up the percentage just so they can make money off of you.”

Then she  added, “Do not tell them what you want out of your trade because there’s a chance that they were going to give you more, but since you’ve told them something less, they’re gonna go with the lesser.”

She also said you shouldn’t bring up a trade-in until you get a price from the dealer on a new car.

Kaitlynd then explained, “The finance guys are going to try and get you to get their warranty because they’re going to make money off of you, but you can use that to your advantage. After you buy the car, just cancel your warranty, and you’re going to get refunded and enjoy your discount.”

Source: TikTok/@reddnea

She continued, “You don’t want to pay MSRP for the car. Ask for the invoice that’s going to show what the dealership paid for the car. You’re going to pay that or less than invoice if they’re desperate.”

Kaitlynd ended her video by saying, “They’re going to try to get you to focus on the payment for the car and not the overall price because if you’re focused on the payment, they can manipulate things easier. Just stand your ground. There’s probably a dealership down the road that’s going to give you a better deal on the same car.”

Source: TikTok/@reddnea

Check out the video.


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