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Go outside and do stuff? Sure!

“So this happened some 15 years ago, probably around 2003-2004.

Me and my two best friends from grade school were big computer nerds and played alot of Warcraft 3 custom maps on LAN.

One of them (C) and his family was somewhat well-off and had a big house so whenever we had the time, like weekends and school holidays and such, we would all set up our PCs in his room and game along.

Their parents wanted them to enjoy the great outdoors.

One summer C’s parents thought that it was about time we got out and enjoyed the good weather.

They came in to his room and announced that we should be going outside to enjoy the weather instead of sitting inside all the time.

They were gonna go grocery shopping and when they came back they expected to find us outside doing whatever we wanted, as long as we were outside.

Cue MC!

This was gonna be good!

As soon as they left we started raiding the house for extension cords and spare tables.

We even managed to find a foldable pavillon to get rid of screen glares.

When his parents came home they found us in the front yard playing computer games.

They let us Move it back inside a couple of hours later and never bothered to try and send us outside again.”

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