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Warning: you’re about to fall in love with a cat. His name is Gringo and after you take one look at his adorable face, there’s no turning back.

The thing that really seals the deal: Gringo has a cool kitty mustache that makes him totally irresistible. In fact, he’s so suave I could even see him getting his own reality TV show.

Gringo lives in France with his owners and his brother Milko.¬† Get a load of this guy…

1. The stink eye

2. Relaxing

3. Love the bow tie

4. All dressed up

5. Stylish

6. Self portrait

7. Zzzzzzzzz

8. Coming at ya!

9. Lazy times

10. Can I help you?

11. A serious look

12. Private Eye Gringo

13. Yawwwwwwwn

14. Why did you wake me?

15. Brothers

Cool cat or coolest cat of all time?