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Folks…it’s revenge time…

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Check out how this person handled a tricky work situation, we think you’ll be impressed!

Give my hours away to a new hire? I’ll leave you with a store to close yourself, misfiled paperwork and get you fired.

“This happened a couple months ago at an old employer.

I worked at a supermarket throughout high school and while in college in the United States making $9 to start and only $10.50 at the end. The store had 1 Store Manager, 2 Assistant Store Managers, 1 manager and assistant manager per department, and there were 9 departments.

They could do it all at this store.

For 5 years, I worked every position there because who knew what hiring was, right? Understaffing was regular here, so if a department needed closing and I worked, I had to close it. From stocking to register to managers duties, everything was game.

My biggest acknowledgements were being a Book-Keeper (Out terms of the person who keeps track of all the money), Monitor (Glorified cashier, basically wrangle the regular cashiers and divvy up cash drawers to each register), Service Desk (Cigarettes, lottery, customers stuff) and store opener/closer.

There were 5 people who knew Book-Keeping, 2 other people besides me and the 2 managers who ran the front end of the store. There were about 5 monitors who all needed to be trained on Service Desk as well. Every monitor and Book-Keeper needed to know how to open the store and close it. For being a supermarket in a town with about 20,000 people, we were severely understaffed.

They filled in when things were desperate.

I worked 12 to 16 hour shifts at least once a week because people would call off all the time. Keep all this in mind for later on.

Backstory: I started working here at 16 in high school originally as a stock person. 25 hour work weeks, eventually moved up to 35+ hour work weeks.

Things changed…

Moved up to register, then monitor, then Service Desk and finally Book-Keeping when I turned 18, now 21. The hours were always good, never had a week drop below 35 hours at least. But it all changed because of some jerk.

At the start of COVID-19, I was working while in college, so all these guidelines had to be followed. Everyone needed their toilet paper and hand sanitizer to keep COVID away. No biggie. On top of the guidelines, we also had been hiring a copious amount of people.

This store had a history of training new hires with other people who have been working for maybe a month or so. So as you could guess, training was a disaster. But since COVID-19 had the store busy all the time, we needed more people.

I wanted to train people the right way because I got sick of doing other people’s jobs. In March, we had gotten 4 new-hires to train for my position. Now these new-hires needed training on the service desk. Easy, let them run it while I watched and helped out the best I could.

Easiest way to get people to learn. Most of them needed trained on here because there were 3 of us total, at the time, who could run it. After training everyone, one per shift at a time over 4 weeks, there were 7 people now ready to **** up the world.

But everyone who knew how to run the service desk needed training on Monitor too. Guess who had to train everyone for another position? After another 4 weeks of nonsense, everyone got trained. Around this time was the end of May. This is where the juice begins.

Things started to change…

The Juice: Starting in June, we had been starting to lay off the hours since COVID-19 started to slow down. Hours started to get cut from all the register people, from about 20-30 hours a week to 10 hours max. We got over staffed and people started quitting left and right.

Then THEY started getting the shaft.

Not a big deal because those positions were easy to fill. But that’s when MY hours started getting cut. At the time, the one new-hire who started in March, who we’ll call Helen, had been getting really good hours, I’m talking about MY hours.

We had the same problem, college money, car money, the works and all. But then I got scheduled for 16 hours one week and they got scheduled for over 35 hours. Not once since I was 18 did I get less than 35 hours. So I decided to confront the Assistant Manager who was in charge of scheduling, we’ll call him Frank.

They had some questions.

Me: Hey Frank, I noticed my hours got cut. What’s happening?

Frank: I know, everyone’s hours are getting cut. I have to make room for everyone, ya know?

Me: I couldn’t help but notice that Helen is getting quite the hours, so you made room for her and no one else?

Frank: I was unaware of that, I’ll get you some more hours next week.

The reset of the week was kind of boring since I was a workaholic. No one called me to cover shifts or anything. The following week, I asked around to see who covered any shifts last week and it turns out that ALL the new hires got called first.

That kind of ****** me off but hey, can’t do anything about it now. Later that day, I check my schedule and whaddya know? The same 16 hour week. I was livid at this point, I should have been honored for my seniority there, not getting screwed over in hours. I went back to Frank and confronted him.

They were fired up.

Me: Hey, what the hell is this?! I thought you’d be finding me hours this week, I can’t live off of this.

Frank: Well it turns out that I couldn’t find you hours. I tried calling-

Me: I don’t believe you tried calling me, not a single person called me. Instead, all the new-hires got called. What the hell man?!

Frank: There’s nothing I can do, you might have to just find another job.

This ****** me off beyond belief. I was ready to pop. But this is when my bright idea came into play. For a couple days, I searched around for other supermarkets in my area offering jobs.

After about a day of searching, I found a job paying DOUBLE what I made now for the same qualifications. I gave them a ring and got an interview for the following week. The following day, I went into work, for what I didn’t know was my last shift, and told Frank what was happening.

Me: Hey Frank, I just wanted to let you know I took your advice.

Frank: Advice? Do you mean finding another job?

Me: You’re right, I hope you have fun!

It was time to go.

I will never forget the look on his face. Completely baffled. He didn’t expect me to actually find another job so quickly. This is where my revenge began.

Revenge: After I walked out of that jerk Franks office, I went around doing my usual work. During every shift, a metric ton of paperwork needed to be processed in the computer in order to close the store correctly and setup Book-Keeping for the next day.

It was gonna be a busy day.

Fun fact, that day in particular was SNAP-day. For those who don’t know what that is, it’s the day that government funded Food-Stamps arrive on everyones EBT card, monthly. That day I decided to say forget paperwork and just don’t do ****, I was quitting that day because my anger got the better of me. The store closes at about 12 am, and I walked out of that **** hole as free as can be.

The next day, I woke up to find some really obnoxious and angry texts from coworkers. I completely disregarded them, unknowingly that they said I worked that morning.

It was time to see some old friends!

I went down to the supermarket to grab some things for my house and as soon as I walked in the door, every ex-coworker of mine looked at me as if I had just passed on the floor. One of them pulled me aside, let’s call them George, and this happened:

George: What the hell bro? I had to cover your shift this morning and you have the balls to walk in here after that?

Me: I don’t work here anymore, **** off.

Turns out Frank wasn’t very thorough…

I continued to get my groceries and talked to one of my closer ex-coworkers there about what happened. As it turned out, the Frank had no idea that the previous day was my last AND that the ENTIRE front-end of the store had gotten brutally screwed over.

Since the store closed at 12 am and no paperwork was filed, our Corporate called the Assistant Manager, also in charge of making sure all departments are closed correctly, and asked where all the paperwork was.

No idea that I had not filed it, Frank had to go into the store, over an hour away from him, to file all the paperwork himself. Not only that, tons of violations were given to him because since none of the paperwork got done by the person closing, no one had a record of anything done at the store from the previous day.

On top of everything, the amount of paperwork needed done was practically doubled since that day was SNAP. As soon as the Store Manager heard about this, she was LIVID.

As for Frank…

After about a month, I was working my new job and heard some information about Frank. Apparently he had to go into a meeting with our Corporate bosses and the Store Manager.

He had gotten fired from his position due to all of this and had not been able to get a letter of recommendation from that employer also.

Sucks to suck huh?”

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