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You or someone close to you (grandma!) had one of those ceramic Christmas trees in their house growing up. You know… the ones with the little slots where you could place lights and make your house festive for the holidays?

Well, there’s a brand new trend in the tree department if you don’t want to wait until December to start decorating: Halloween trees! Michael’s is even sold out of them in some locations.

Or, better yet, just make YOUR OWN Halloween tree, just like a Christmas tree. You’ll see some great examples below.

1. Get one while they last!

2. Lights up a room

3. Boo!

4. DIY

5. Creepy

6. Festive!

7. Is it October yet?

8. That’s a good one

9. The base on this one is batty!

10. All decked out

11. He looks familiar…

12. Hocus Pocus!

13. Looks dead…perfect!

14. She’s excited! Naturally…

15. BRIGHT orange and ready for fun!

Don’t sleep on ordering one of these if you want to get in on the action. Let’s get into the Halloween spirit right now!

And as a diehard Halloween lover, I sign off on this trend wholeheartedly.