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A little hair ain’t gonna hurt anyone!

But, with that being said, let’s be honest…it is kind of gross when you find hair in your food.

But did this guy handle this situation the wrong way?

Get all the details below and see what you think.

AITA for throwing away a full dish at a pot luck because of dog hair?

“My (28M) friends and I have potluck parties every so often.

One of our rules at this is it has to be store or restaurant bought. We had a food poisoning incident and so we just said no home made dishes. Everyone has been cool with it.

Someone wasn’t paying attention…

At our most recent one, a friend invited someone that I had never met before. She (20’s F) brought her own home made dish. I guess it was communicated that it was a potluck, but not the rule.

Whatever, first time, we left the dish out. She brought mashed potatoes.

I took a serving. Noticed some dark spots. I just thought it was pepper.

I felt something weird in my mouth and fished it out.


It was an animal hair.

Played around with it and found a few more. I was absolutely revolted and threw away the dish.

I didn’t care that it was mostly full and people were in line for food.

I immediately get yelled at for throwing it away. I tell her that dish has animal hair in it, its disgusting.

I ask her if she is trying to make us all sick? She starts crying, calls me an ******* and just leaves the party.

I found out she has 4 dogs, if I knew that I would have never gotten a scoop of potatoes.

It was pretty mixed on how I handled it.


Let’s see how people reacted.

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I think I would’ve just kept my mouth shut…

But that’s just me!