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Family drama is alive and well, my friends!

This time it comes to us from a young woman whose long-absent mother now needs her help…but she’s not having it.

Is she wrong?

Get the details below and YOU be the judge.

AITA for telling my mother she hasn’t been my mom since I was 5 and I don’t owe her anything?

“When I (24f) was 5 my mother had her second child, my sister. We have different dads and neither was involved when we were kids.

My sister was born prematurely and this is when my mother went from being my mom to being an almost stranger to me.

She felt ignored.

She spent all her time at the hospital with my sister and I was passed around from friends to family and even to strangers my mother and I didn’t know, because an aunt would hand me over to someone in her husband’s family or a family friend would pass me onto their friend.

My sister was in the hospital for months and had many complications from being born so early. So was one of the youngest preemies in the hospital’s history.

When she started to get strong enough to go home complications due to her stomach were found and that required more time and more treatments.

My mother was in and out of the hospital with her for the next couple of years as they performed surgeries and gave treatments when she would get sick. At that point even when my mother was home with my sister she would keep me somewhere else normally and the times I was home with her I was left alone and her focus was my sister.

Things got worse.

Then when my sister was two she was diagnosed with leukemia and that resulted in more treatments, more hospital visits and just never ever seeing them. By the time I was 10 my mother was okay leaving me at home while they were at the hospital so I was alone.

It was around this time that my teachers started to suggest I might have dyslexia and the school reacted out to my mother but she was too focused on my sister to do anything for me.

Her mom kept ignoring her.

Nothing changed after my sister became cancer free and she was less sick and needed the hospital less. My mother was so devoted to her that she didn’t pay attention to me and both were strangers to me.

I started staying with my girlfriend’s family as a teenager and my mother didn’t care. I would only go back to her house when I needed to pick up more of my clothes or stuff. And when I turned 18 I moved out officially and got my dyslexia diagnosis.

Now several years on I don’t really have anything to do with my mother or my sister. I don’t blame my sister for any of this. It’s just no bond could form when we were younger and she’s a stranger to me.

Wouldn’t you know it…?

My mother has started to have some health problems and turned to me for help. She told me I should be around more and doing stuff to help her because she’s my mom.

She also said my sister deserves a relationship with me and accused me of punishing my sister for existing. I told her that wasn’t true but we were strangers and that was because of her (my mother).

I also told her she hadn’t been my mom since I was 5 and she had no right to ask me to care for her when she hasn’t cared for me in almost 20 years. She called me a selfish and spoiled child who never grew up.


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