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“Baby shark. Doo, doo, do, do, do…”

Kids and parents cannot escape the catchy “Baby Shark” song! It’s become 2018/2019s most popular kids tune and now you can get merchandise to play along!

Here are the top “Baby Shark” toys you can buy, and trust me, with Christmas around the corner, you’ll want to snag these up!

Baby Shark Fingerlings are interactive.

Photo Credit: Walmart

When worn on your finger and moved side to side, it sings and it’s fin lights up.

But tap its head and it…farts. LOL.

You can also rock the baby shark to sleep.

Baby Shark Official Song Puppet

Photo Credit: Walmart

Looking for something plusher?

This puppet is the answer and you can catch the whole family! Mama, dada, and baby shark are collectible.

And when you move their mouths faster, the song speeds up.

Baby Shark Bath Squirt Toy

Photo Credit: Walmart

Make a splash with your little ones.

Baby shark (and even William the orange fish) can help may bath time a breeze with these squrit-able toys.

The Baby Shark Walker

Photo Credit: Wow-wee

Do you have a little one starting to walk? This will help encourage them to keep going.

 “When your child stops walking, the Baby Shark song will stop to encourage them to take their next steps. Once they’re rolling again, the song will resume.

5 light up buttons each play a different song (including the Baby Shark song) to develop your toddler’s gross motor and sensory skills!”

Baby Shark family costumes

Photo Credit: Amazon

And if you want to be the family all the Halloween parties will be talking about. Amazon has you covered.

You’re welcome!