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Super cool house alert!

A house in Oklahoma features a trap door in the living room floor that allows you to go fishing without leaving home. The house was built over a pond by owner Paul Phillips, who just put it on the market in March 2019, which means it could be all yours.

Photo Credit: Zillow

This unique cabin-style sits on a corner lot in Skiatook, Oklahoma. At 1750 square feet, it has three bedrooms and three bathrooms. There are wood floors and walls throughout. There is also a fireplace, an open-floor-plan kitchen, and a wrap-around deck with a view.

But the house is definitely most famous for the living room fishing hole.

Photo Credit: Zillow

Paul has helped build hundreds of houses around Skiatook, but this one is his “dream house.” He not only built the house, but he also dug the pond and stocked it with fish himself. He even installed his TV right by the trap door for a leisurely afternoon of fishing and watching TV.

In addition to the living room fishing hole, the house also comes with a second fishing spot. There’s an extra room with a small dock going out over the water.

Photo Credit: Zillow

So, why is Paul selling his dream home so quickly?

“Had so much fun doing it this time, I’m gonna do it again only bigger,” he told local reporters. Fair enough!

The house is available on Zillow for $229,000.