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This is a touching story that is sure to melt your heart. For 12 years, grandmother Tinney Davidson has waved to the students who walk by her house on the way to school. She moved into the house with her husband in 2007 and started the waving tradition soon after. Tinney is now 88 years old and has literally seen these kids grow up.

Davidson’s husband passed away, but she has continued to wave to the kids as they make their way to school each day. Recently, the students learned that Tinney is being moved to an assisted living facility, so they decided to give her a beautiful going away present.

A group of 400 students in the town of Comox, British Columbia, Canada, crowded onto Tinney’s lawn and returned the favor, waving at the woman before she moved out of her house. They also brought Tinney cards, flowers, and signs.

Here’s a video from CBS.

Tinney said, “I was shocked again that there’s so many kids that want to say goodbye to me.”

People were touched by the display of affection toward Tinney.

This isn’t the first time that the folks at Highland Secondary School have reached out to Tinney. In 2014 she was honored at a school assembly to recognize her contributions to the community and in 2016 students brought her cards and treats for Valentine’s Day.

Well done, kids! See, youngsters aren’t all bad news after all. In fact, I’m pretty impressed with these young boys and girls.

I think I have something my eye…I’m not crying, I promise…