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A Texas man came up with the perfect marriage proposal idea that is not only cute, but also completely original.

Jon Blaze and Thao Nguyen have been together for three years. They both share a passion for bicycling — they even share an Instagram account to share their cycling travels.

“We ride together at least twice a week,” Jon told KRTK. “We also lead multiple social rides in Houston.”

So, when it came time for Jon to propose, he knew he wanted to incorporate cycling into his proposal somehow.

In March, Jon took Thao for a bike ride that began at Buffalo Bayou Park in Houston. They rode for 15.7 miles together, including a bunch of seemingly pointless weird turns.

At the end, Thao looked at her GPS and saw that their path spelled out “MARRY ME” on the map.

Photo Credit: Jon Blaze / Reddit

When she realized what was happening, Thao became even more excited than Jon to complete the ride.

“I went from being so annoyed by all the crazy turns we did to being completely shocked and with the biggest smile on my face,” Thao told ABC13.

Jon told The Houston Chronicle that he only told a few friends about his proposal plans. And with all those random U-turns, he wanted to make sure to do it in a low-traffic area.

“I initially tried mapping out the downtown area, but decided The Heights area would be best since there wasn’t going to be heavy traffic in the neighborhood,” he said.

Of course, Thao said yes. The couple shared a happy photo on Instagram afterward.

“She said YES! She’ll ride with me for life. ??,” Jon wrote.

Congrats you two!