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We all come in different shapes, sizes, and colors. But, unfortunately, there’s still stigma surrounding women’s bodies – particularly their postpartum bodies.

Meg Boggs is a blogger who is on a mission to change the conversation about women’s bodies, and one of the ways she’s doing that is by encouraging ladies to share their #this_is_postpartum photos.

Here are 15 examples, with Ms. Boggs herself in the first photo.

Ladies, share your own photos in the comments (if you like) and keep up the great work!

1. “It’s okay”

2. You are enough

3. Words of wisdom

4. Rather love it

5. Truth bomb

6. Changes

7. Time to reflect

8. Pure Mama Magic

9. Inspired

10. Not alone

11. Twins

12. Before and After

13. Set me free

14. We can do better

15. Keep it up!

Lookin’ great, ladies!