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If you happen to find yourself in Brooklyn, New York, let me give you a piece of advice. You have to, and I mean have to, try Mister Dips, an airstream trailer food truck specializing in some of the most delicious-looking ice cream cones on the planet.

My mouth is watering after looking through the Mister Dips Instagram profile, and I think yours will be too momentarily.

Take a look at these delectable treats.

1. Look at it go!

2. Delicious

3. Triple threat

4. Scrumptious

5. Mouthwatering

6. That airstream looks SHARP

7. Refreshing

8. Yummy

9. Tempting

10. Delightful

11. Divine

12. Heavenly

13. Oooooohhhhh!

14. Okay, now I’m starving

15. Annnnd let’s end with a sundae

A road trip may be in order very, very soon…who’s with me?!?!