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Folks, if you’re a sucker for a good revenge story, this one’s for you!

It comes to us from a Reddit user who had to deal with a whole crew of creeps at their job.

But she ended up getting the last laugh!

Check out how she handled this difficult situation.

Sweet sweet revenge.

I used to work at very well known pizza chain restaurant. If Scooby Doo could say it, it would called Rominos.

I first started out there as just a cashier and would just do the normal stuff, running the register and placing orders. I eventually learned how to make the pizzas.

Over time the store manager wanted to promote me to shift runner. For those who don’t know what that is, it’s a step below assistant manager.

So when I was promoted, I’d be in charge of running the shift and delegate roles for the shift and tell employees when they could leave.

While I was working there, there was a guy who started there that had worked there before. When he was there before, he was an assistant manager.

He left one day during a busy evening when the store was slammed with orders and customers.

He apparently got too stressed out and couldn’t handle it anymore.

So two years later he comes back, but now as a delivery driver. When he first started for the second time, I didn’t know who he was and I had never met him before that.

He seemed nice…. at first. After a few days he kept trying to be the person in charge.

She had to lay down the law.

I had to put him in his place a few times when I was running the shift. Now I wasn’t on the best of terms with the store manager.

We had a few blow outs here and there, mostly from him breathing down my neck when we were really busy.

I snapped at him and told him to back off and let me do my job.

So when I went to him to tell him about the delivery driver (we’ll call him Brad) was trying to act as a manger he didn’t seem to really care.

Alright whatever.

I was talking to the one assistant manager that I was friends with (we’ll call him Chad). I had told him the deal and he told me to just tell him off.

The next shift I worked with Brad, he again tried acting as the manager, I told him he isn’t an Assistant manager anymore and he’s driver and needs to stop as I’m the one that’s in charge of the shift.

He huffed and walked away from me.

Everything was fine for a while…

Well one day I was sitting in the office taking care of a few things on the computer, and in comes Brad.

He starts talking to me about an order and just messing around with me.

Brad crossed the line.

As I’m finishing up on the computer, he kneels down making it look like he’s picking something up off the floor so I don’t pay him any mind.

Next thing I know, he’s jabbing a finger into my chest.

I froze unsure of what to do. A million things ran through my mind in a split second.

She was LIVID.

I didn’t know what to do, didn’t know what to think… I was shaking from being utterly ****** off and from a feeling I couldn’t recognize.

Now this is the kicker, he comes out acting like nothing happened and telling me how I need to keep the back door locked because that’s how the place got robbed before, 4 years ago by the old store managers son…

Well the conversation went a little like this

Me: I don’t give a ****! Leave me alone and go back inside!

Brad: Don’t yell at me and curse at me!

Me: Dude you really do not want to **** with me right now! Go back inside NOW! I am not going to say it again!

Brad: And what are you going to do if I don’t?

So before I can say another word Chad comes out because he hears me yelling at Brad. When he sees how red my face is, he gets Brad back inside and then comes to check on me.

At this point I’m sitting in my car crying and shaking because I was so mad and so upset.

I explained to him what happen.

I lived with my mom at the time and he told me to call her, so I did. I told her what happened and she told me to call the Store manager and tell him that something needs to be done about Brad.

It was time to talk to the manager.

So I call the Store manager and this is the conversation:

Me: Hey so I wanted to let you know that Brad was very inappropriate and ******** assaulted me. (Blah blah blah you know the story).

Store manager: Oh my god you guys seriously act like children. You all need to grow up.

Me: What!? Are you being serious right now? I need to grow up? Dude one of your MALE employees assaulted me!!

Store manager: Whatever I’ll take care of it. Bye.

So when he said he would take care of it, he meant “I’m gonna smack him on the hand and tell him that’s not nice and send him home for the night”.

Time to go further up the ladder.

Okay fine, I take it a step further and call the District manager. He doesn’t answer so I left a voicemail telling him that I needed to discuss something with him in regards to Brad and that if I didn’t receive a phone call back, I was going to press charges on Brad.

Never got a call back.

So I take it another step further… I decide to file a police report. Got my statement written up and had a court date set.

Now mind you the day he got arrested we were all working, myself, Chad, Brad, and Store Manager, plus a bunch of others.

This was gonna be priceless.

When the cop that I had given my statement to came in and arrested him, the look on Brad’s face was amazing and the look on Store manager’s face was priceless too.

Store manager kept asking the cop why he was arresting Brad and the cop said that he wasn’t at liberty to tell him and that if Brad would like to say then he could tell him.

Well B was released a couple hours later and turns out THE DISTRICT MANAGER BAILED HIM OUT!!!!!

I was livid.

So Brad came back to the store and told Store Manager what happened and why he was arrested. Well I got sent home early because of the issue.

I was told neither Brad nor myself would be allowed to return to work until after the issue was resolved in court.

This was unbelievable.

Well my mom worked next door, and guess who she seen back at work the next day having a jolly ol time with Store Manager and District Manager…. you guessed it, Brad was back at work already. I call up the District Manager and ask why Brad is allowed back but I’m not.

He spews a bunch of garbage about how I have a toxic relationship with Store Manager and that’s why I’m not allowed back and then offers me to work at a store over an hour away from me, not guaranteed the same position and pay.

I told him to shove the job up his *** and to **** off with that nonsense and hung up on him.

It was time to go to court…

Court day comes, I show up and head over to my lawyer and my support lady that was there.

The hearing gets underway and the verdict, not guilty.

It was revenge time.

Well…. this is where my revenge takes place…..

My entire family found about what happened and I legally couldn’t take to social media for legal purposes, but nothing ever said my family couldn’t.

Little did Brad, Store Manager, and District Manager know, my family had a lot of connections and ties in the community.

Within a day everyone in the town and in surrounding towns too, found out what had happened.

It was payback time.

Well needless to say, they lost A LOT of business.

Rominos FIRED District Manager, Store Manager, AND Brad!!!!! They aren’t ever allowed to work or come into any of the stores ever again.

On top of that somehow in the midst of things, someone in town found out that the DM was cheating on his wife and told her….

She divorced him and got everything…. Everything could have been fine had DM called me back or even just sided with me.

But nope he wanted to side with a predator.

In the end, I still came out on top!

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I hope that this actually happened and this guy got what was coming to him.

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