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An adorable puppy learned to go down the stairs by hopping — just like her older brother, a three-legged dog, taught her.

Bowie is a two-year-old puppy who lost his leg in August 2018, thanks to prolonged health complications. He has since gotten used to life with three legs, and he’s made adjustments where necessary. When he goes down the stairs, he leans against the wall and does a little hop to make things easier.

Bowie gained a little sister, Zeppelin, in January. He was a total natural in his new role as her big brother, and the two quickly became inseparable.

Their human, Karisa Maxwell, told The Dodo…

“They are always snuggling or playing together, even when there are other dogs around. We were nervous that Bowie would be scared to play with her as she got bigger than him, but she is so gentle with him and plays at his pace and protects him.”

Here, take a look at these two!

Bowie was also an excellent role model for Zeppelin.

He even taught her how to go down the stairs in his own three-legged way, hopping included.

Just look at Zeppelin go!

Karisa added,

“Zeppy always hopped down the stairs, but when she was little, we just thought it was because her legs weren’t long enough. But as she got bigger, we noticed that she leans against the wall like Bowie and keeps her back legs together.”

Zeppelin is now six months old, and though her humans have tried to show her that she doesn’t need to hop down the stairs like Bowie, she continues to do it that way.

Karisa said,

“That’s the only way she knows how.”

Big brother knows best!